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Corporate Photographer

Corporate Photography Brisbane can help with business headshots and portraits. If you want photography companies in Brisbane try out our amazing professional Corporate Photographer. He is an expert in professional photos and corporate portrait photos.

Corporate Photographer Brisbane are high end top quality image makers. Creating photos to talk to your clients is our speciality. Our Business Photographer has expertise at creating images that you can use on in all types of media both print and electronic. We specialise in corporate portraits and headshots but can also create other photographs that your business needs..

Stunning images are the most important way a photographer can help to communicate your brand to the world. Our Corporate Photographer is an expert at making your staff look inteligent and knowledgable. Here at Corporate Photographer Brisbane we know how to look after our clients, our photographer works quickly and efficiently and deliver images to you quickly for your use.

Professional Corporate Photography is a core part of our business. We produce modern business headshots for our clients that they can use as headshots for business cards and Linkedin profile portraits. All your outstanding staff need to have professional headshots for Linkedin so contact our photographer to get our corporate headshot pricing and organise your business photo shoot.

corporate headshot of a man in an office
Digital Ideas

Michael makes photographs that clearly communicate to who you are as a company.

On Point

Our photographs look great, each image has a clearly defined visual goal.

Perfect Retouching

Images with superb post work. No photography job is complete without a unified look.

Expert Brisbane Corporate Photography

Michael is a photographer who is ideas-driven, he works with a strong focus on customer experience and fast delivery. Michael has over 15+ years experience completing photographic assignments for Australia's top businesses and mulitnational corporations. He is well known for is ability to deliver the photos his clients need.

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Experienced in corporate headshots and corporate portraits.

Our corporate headshots are industry leading in clarity and detail. Our attention to detail, creativity and experience are what sets us above the competition. You image really matters to us, we devote 100% of our energy to delivering the right images the first time. We can produce work to an outstanding level of consistancy. This allows us to deliver corporate portraits that work well together. Check out our corporate photography and you'll see why we are know as the best photographers in Brisbane and Queensland.

Corporate Headshots

We stay on the cutting edge of digital photography, so that our clients Brisbane Corporate Headshots have a competitive advantage online.

Corporate Headshots Brisbane

When your business needs corporate headshots, turn to us to get the right images for your marketing. We can bring our studio to you. We have the equipment and expertise to photograph headshots in any location. You'll get the same stunning photos that you'd get in a studio but with the convenience of not having to leave your place of business.

We do executive portraits for any size organisation. It doesn't matter wether you are a startup or one of the world's most prominent organizations, we can create headshots that make you stand out. Our professional headshot photography sessions are for everyone who wants polished headshot images.

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Staff Photography

Our high-end mobile studio is perfect for staff photography in Brisbane. For location-based photography turn to our professional photographer.

Staff Photography Brisbane

Staff photography is integral to modern visual communication. Having perfect images of your staff increases brand awareness. It allows your company to look more cohesive. Professional, consistent staff photos show the world that you care about the details. It will enable customers to know that your staff are credible and professional.

We can do large group shots, photos of management teams, marketing photos for your website, and other lifestyle images. We are masters of telling the story of what your staff do. We understand that staff are the most critical part of any business, and we know how to communicate that using advanced imagery.

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Portrait Photography

We understand that portraits are about people and communication. Stunning Corporate Portraits allow customers to trust you and your staff.

Corporate Portraits Brisbane

We are experts in professional contemporary portraits. We can create a customised fresh, and modern corporate picture. Catered to reflect your unique organisation and brand. Corporate photographer Brisbane can capture your amazing professional business portrait, headshot, or group photos.

We offer a highly personalised service and cater to any budget or needs. We come to you so the whole process is as stress-free and straightforward as possible for you and your staff. Michael has a reputation as one of the best business portrait photographers in Australia and can do shooting assignments in Sydney and Melbourne, along with continuing to do photography for his many clients in Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast here in Queensland.

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Photography that is perfect for Linkedin profiles.

If you need superb Linkedin Profile Shots, why not let our Corporate Photographer Brisbane help you out? We create the best headshot for Linkedin that look fantastic. Clean headshots that make you look professional.

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Custom photographic backgrounds that suit your industry.

We can do Portrait Background Replacement for images we create and other images you already have. Custom backgrounds can add a whole new dimension to headshots for business professional's photos.

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Expert retouched photos for a natural soft look.

Retouching is the difference between a good image and a great one. We are experts in the field of retouching, knowing how to create professional photography headshots with superb soft natural skin tones.

Discussion of the Idea

Contact us with you ideas and we'll give you a detailed quote to get the photographic assignment done.

On the Day

We will arrive on time to set up our portable studio. Then we get down to work creating our outstanding images.

Delivery of your work

We will do the post work and retouching. After they're complete we deliver the photos digitally via dropbox.

Corporate Photography Brisbane

Why professional corporate photos are important to your business

Every business needs to put in work in its image. Your customers and audience need to see the human side of your brand. While there are several ways to go about this, corporate portraits are among the most effective. With these, you will be able to show the professionalism of your brand and share your values with stakeholders. Image is critical when it comes to the success of a brand. Your employees are on the frontline regarding the brand image, and getting their corporate headshots is a step in the right direction in building your brand image. Here are the reasons why you should get a copy of the website page.

1. Improve brand image

Before customers interact with your brand directly, they will have a perception of you. The first impression you want to make to anyone you plan to engage should be great. Corporate portraits can help you make this first impression great. Professional shots of your employees will make your company look reputable and experienced. They are also great for all types of marketing as they go a step further in helping customers relate to your brand. Portraits of employees at work and at corporate events will go a long way in helping you introduce your staff to your audience in an era where physical interaction is less. Creating a human connection is the best way to market your amazing brand and build your brand image. Corporate photography will do that for you.

2. It is suitable for employer branding

Did you know employers need to promote themselves to get the talent they need in their organizations? Corporate headshots have proved to be effective in employer branding. Corporate portraits can create a strong brand image that can help you with recruitment. Corporate photography will help you build a good brand identity that will make you stand out as an employer and help attract a talent pool. Employees are attracted to companies that are unique and trendy, and corporate photos are some of the things that show that a business is up to date.

3. Images will make you visible online

SEO or search engine optimization is critical for businesses in this digital era. Companies are widely using it to expand their horizons and expand. Images are useful in search engine optimization. Quality professional headshots can help you be found on search engines like Google and increase your visibility and traffic to your website. They will also enjoy interacting with your brand and stay longer on your platform, which is good news for your brand. Corporate photos are not only good for your company, but they are also suitable for personal use. They can be used in CVs, corporate social profiles like LinkedIn and business cards, which can help introduce individual employees to clients. Getting a professional photographer to work on your corporate profiles is something you will not regret. The investment will be worth it.

Why Choose Us?
"Capturing Your Success in Every Frame

At CPB, our mission is to provide exceptional corporate photography services that showcase the essence and achievements of businesses. We are dedicated to capturing our clients' unique stories, values, and aspirations through stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression. With our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence, we aim to exceed our client's expectations, enhance their brand image, and contribute to their overall success. Through our creative and collaborative approach, we strive to deliver photographs that resonate with audiences, inspire connections, and effectively communicate the professionalism and vision of the companies we serve.

corporate portrait of a woman smiling with her hand on her face

Why Our Corporate Photography Is the Best

In today's corporate world, image is everything. A company's brand, reputation, and success are intertwined with the visuals it presents to the public. When it comes to corporate photography, there is no room for mediocrity. Every image should exude professionalism, capture the essence of the business, and leave a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders. This article will explore why our corporate photography stands out from the competition and why it is the best choice for businesses seeking top-notch visual representation.

Unparalleled Expertise:

At our company, we take pride in our team of highly skilled and experienced photographer who specialize in corporate photography. They deeply understand the corporate world and its unique visual requirements. Our photographers have worked with diverse clients, from small startups to multinational corporations, enabling them to adapt their skills and techniques to various business settings. Their expertise ensures that every photograph encapsulates the essence of the company, its culture, and its objectives.

Attention to Detail:

Corporate photography requires meticulous attention to detail. From the lighting and composition to the choice of backgrounds and props, every element contributes to the overall message conveyed by the image. Our photographers understand the significance of these details and work diligently to ensure that every aspect is perfect. They meticulously plan every photo shoot, paying close attention to the most minor details, resulting in visually stunning photographs that align with the company's brand and image.

Tailored Approach:

One size does not fit all when it comes to corporate photography. Every company has its own unique story, goals, and visual identity. We take the time to understand our client's needs and expectations, allowing us to create a tailored approach for each project. Our photographers work closely with our clients to understand their brand values, target audience, and desired outcomes. This collaborative process ensures that every photograph reflects the client's vision and aligns seamlessly with their marketing strategy.


Corporate photography encompasses various subjects, from executive headshots and team portraits to office spaces and product shots. Our photographers possess the versatility to capture all these aspects of a company's visual identity with finesse. Whether capturing a team's energy and dynamism or showcasing a workspace's elegance and professionalism, our photographers have the technical skill and artistic flair to bring every image to life.

Cutting-Edge Equipment and Techniques:

We understand that staying ahead in the world of corporate photography requires constant innovation and staying up-to-date with the latest equipment and techniques. Our company invests in state-of-the-art cameras, lighting equipment, and post-processing software to ensure our photographs are of the highest quality. Moreover, our photographers stay informed about the latest trends and techniques in the industry, allowing them to deliver innovative and visually captivating images that set our corporate photography apart from the competition.

Exceptional Customer Service:

We believe that excellent customer service is the backbone of any successful business. From the initial free consultation to the final delivery of the photographs, we strive to provide our clients with an exceptional experience. Our dedicated team is responsive, professional, and attentive to every detail. We value our clients' feedback and continuously seek to exceed their expectations, ensuring they are satisfied with our services and become long-term partners.


Regarding corporate photography, our company is the best choice for businesses seeking professional and captivating visual representation. With our unparalleled expertise, attention to detail, tailored approach, versatility, cutting-edge equipment, and exceptional customer service, we have an outstanding reputation for creating top-quality photographs that genuinely showcase a company's unique identity and values. Investing in our corporate photography services will undoubtedly enhance your brand image, impress clients, and set your business apart from the competition.

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